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I'm gonna take some stick for this for being a heartless man. But it's not going to stop me saying it. But before I do let me just say that I am not heartless. Far from it. I have been deeply touched by the South East Asian earthquake. I watched the children swept away. I watched the mother run into the sea trying to save her children. On News 24, safely on my sofa - just like you.

It made me cry.

Then I watched the Vicar of Dibley on New Year's Day. It made me cry. Richard Curtis is a writer of enormous talent.

For those who missed it, a good description can be found on the BBC's site.

Follow the link at the bottom to Make Poverty History and read up:

Over the next 12 months a series of landmark meetings are taking place where world leaders can finally stop 30,000 people dying needlessly every day, just because they?re poor.

30,000 people dying needlessly every day

If 150,000 people die as a result of the Tsunami, that's just 5 average days of death due to Poverty. Poverty that we can stop; that we can change. Death that is so routine, so mundane, that it fails to make the news any more. That's why we had Break The Chains back in 2000, Band Aid too many years ago and Band Aid 20 this year.

This is mad and we must stop it.