I _Really_ Don't Know

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I used to work for...

Xansa. I haven't bothered to blog at all about my time there as I only lasted 6 months, and it was two years ago. The account I worked on had a particular culture to it that I found I couldn't work with. I'm not going to expand on that here for the same reason I haven't blogged about it before - there are some great folks there trying really, really, hard to do some great stuff, but there's a lot of difficulties that make it difficult for them to.

So, why am I posting this now? Well, this strange thing keeps happening; every few months or so I get a clump of searches for Xansa and variants of it showing up in the logs - from inside Xansa's network.

So... Hello Xansans (or whatever the correct plural noun is). I wish you all well. May your god smile on you and shower you with good fortune. :->