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Remiscent of Plagiarism Software...

The internet is a marvellous thing. As well as making such a vast amount of information available for legitimate use it also allows that information to be used to analyse infringing uses. There is plenty of anti-plagiarism software available for analysing text.

We've used the technique here at work during recruitment and during assessment of third party work. We had one applicant present a multi-media piece as his own "award winning" work when the award site clearly gave someone elses name as the creator - someone we know in that specific instance...

But in the past week or so a great new case appears to have popped up. It apparently started in April when a comic artist, Dave Kelly spotted that one of his images had been used on a t-shirt design published by Todd Goldman. Wikipedia covers the basic about Todd Goldman and the accusation of plagiarism.

Mike Tyndall has put together a piece showing a great number of what he describes as Todd Goldman designs and extremely similiar design from elsewhere. He leaves it as an exercise for the reader to decide if any plagiarism or infringment has taken place. He's received objections to the content from Todd's lawyers.

I wonder how this one will play out.