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US Copyright Made Simple

The ALA are selling a lovely little Copyright slider to simplify deciding if a work is in the public domain or not - I haven't held one, so can't comment on build quality, ease-of-use or even the usefulness of the device, but it seems like a great idea.

My first thought on seeing it was that it would be great for them to make this available as a PDF for people to download and make their own - after all the ALA is all about making sure everyone has work to do ;-)

The content is licensed under a CC license, but I can't see from the photos which one - does anyone know?

My second thought after finding the instant gratification of a download was not a option was that maybe the format was a little stuffy - I'd much prefer to see an element of fun in the decision  making process. Maybe this form factor would be better:


The Cootie Catcher by glueslabs, on Flickr
The Cootie Catcher by glueslabs, on Flickr. Licensed under CC-BY-NC


Peter Murray

Rob -- I added a comment on the posting asking exactly that question. The comment is still in the moderation queue, and I haven't heard a private response.