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If I owed you a thousand dollars...

would you still be my friend?

The opening line of Someone Like That by Deblois (pronounced by saying all the letters, it rhymes with "choice" or "rolls royce"). A rhythmic, mellow natural sound that just seems to melt through the air.

Deblois says of herself:

She plays acoustic roots music; soulful original tunes with an eye for the universal and is backed by the wonderfully funky Big House Band.

This description really doesn't do her justice. Last time I felt this good about discovering new music was a few years ago when I had the good fortune to stumble across Amos Lee playing live. I bought the album he was selling at the show and have listened to it over and over.

I get the same feeling I got from that album listening to Leviathan.

So, where did I find Deblois? Last.fm? A close friend? Nope. Luis Villa. Deblois is Luis Villa's sister.



Kevin S. Clarke

Great music! Thanks for mentioning it/them.