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New (old) Telly

So, after my success fixing a Philips Plamsa TV my dad is giving me his Sony Bravia LCD KDL32V. It's not working following lightning storms and has been written off by the insurers following a £350 repair quote, but we all know that £350 buys you a handful of capacitors and maybe a triode or three from a pro repair shop.

Hence I pick it up tomorrow to take a look at :-)

Update 10/07/2009: picked it up yesterday and spent the evening looking at it. Some folks on #electronics (mr_boo, SpeedEvil and kludge) helped me work out that the broken bits were very likely the expensive silicon on the primary side of the power supply - difficult to replace and the main control chip, a Sony CXD9841P would cost me about £20.

So, having worked out it's not a nice easy case of swapping out a couple of transistors or caps, I decided to hunt down a whole board. Obvious approach was to find the same model on ebay that had suffered an encounter with a wii controller, there were a couple about but nothing really cheap or really close. Next step then was to try and find a new power board.

The original quote, from BSS had quoted £180 for the board, plus a whole load of labour bringing a total over £300! Next try, Audio Technical Services who refused to quote me a price because Sony would remove their Authorised status (and stop sending them business) if they sold an internal component to an end customer. Fantastic, good business Sony, thanks.

So, a quick google for the exact part number brought up SJS Television Services who have the board in stock. A cheeky call to owner Stuart and he helped my plight to keep costs down by agreeing the board, inc vat and p&p for £75. Really nice guy, shame he isn't local or I might have been able to point more people to him.

Now I just have to be patient for the part to arrive :-)


narayan Bhojwani

I have philips 42" plasma TV. It has stopped working. earlier when we connect it to mains, red led will get on and then we press On from TV Remote and it will give blue led On and then TV screen will pickup. but now when it connected to mains even red LED will not come on, when side on/off button is pressed, blue led will come but then it dies with red led flashing just once. blue led is not very bright..Model is 42PF9966..any suggestion?? seems not passing from protection..Can i try something else??

Rob Styles

I didn't find a datasheet for the chip as it was way beyond my electronics knowledge to work through the fault finding more than I already had. There are a load of components between the main central cap and the primary side of the HF transformers, many of which are surface mounted, so not easy to mess with. The new power board from SJS (link above) arrived and took all of 2 minutes to put in and the TV is running just fine now. If you're in the UK then give Stuart at SJS a call, he's a nice guy.

john sargent

I have the same tv it has color bars running vertical,, pastels thin and 4x thin, hundreds. i traced it to the power supply and that chip. did you find a pdf for it? think the tv is fried john