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Agile Coach Code of Conduct - What To Fix

A while back I started on an Agile Coach Code of Conduct. I noticed that after coaching for a while I started to forget basic principles that should be part of every coaching engagement.

So I put this list together to help me (and others) remember what coaching is all about.

Like everything in agile, it's an ideal, not something you can ever perfectly do.

  1. I will always remember that my teams are full of intelligent professionals acting in the best way that they can for project completion
  2. I will not direct or follow, but lead the team by example, which means walking a fine line between participation and observation
  3. I will always remember that I am a guest on each team, and will strive to behave respectfully to my hosts as much as I can

read the full list of Daniel Markham's 12 principles at Agile Coach Code of Conduct - What To Fix.