Find Rob Styles Online

These are the most common places to find me online
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My first blog post was back in 1999, and I kept posting until 2012 when I let the blog die. I reinstated it in 2021. It's a low frequency blog of technical thoughts.

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I've been on Twitter since February 2007. In recent years it's turned into a bit of a dumpster fire, full of abuse, argument, and misinformation. I use it mostly to follow interesting people in tech.

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Mastodon / Fediverse

I'm increasingly using Mastodon, a federated social media platform, in preference to Twitter. Come find me there.

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This site is hosted on GitLab, using Eleventy with GitLab CI/CD and Pages. I've only recently started using GitLab and am impressed. I'd recommend taking a look if you haven't already.

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Most of my code is hosted on GitHub, much of it is open-source, but a lot of it is private.

Exercism logo


Exercism is a great tool for programming language learning. I mentor on the javascript track.

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I started running in May 2018, and joined a local running club in May 2019. I run regularly. Prior to 2018 I used to commute by bike fairly regularly. It's all on strava.

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Mostly travel photos from various trips at different times, intermixed with shots from in and around Birmingham. Selfies are rare.

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You probably use slack at your workplace. If you'd like to chat on slack you can find me in the BrumTech community (this links to a self-invite form).

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If you're a recruiter, and I don't already know you, please do not use this WhatsApp link.

GMail logo


Of course, you can always email me.

LinkedIn logo


You can find me on LinkedIn, but I don't check in there very often. The messages in my inbox are mostly spam, so it's likely I'll miss messages from you there. You'll have better luck DMing me on Twitter.